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All the news and views from the world of energy storage and associated industries.

EnerVault adds Denis Giorno to board of directors

Denis Giorno added to EnerVault board of directors

California-based energy storage firm EnerVault has appointed Denis Giorno to its board of directors.

RedFlow completes trials of flow battery ESS

RedFlow ESS

Australia’s battery maker RedFlow has completed trials of a large-scale energy storage system (ESS) with its zinc-bromine flow batteries.

Continental adds EFB and AGM starter batteries to portfolio

Continental VDO's EFB and AGM batteries

Germany’s automotive supplier Continental has launched enhanced flooded batteries (EFB) and absorbent glass mat (AGM) lead-acid batteries through its VDO brand.

BlueVine scales up graphene production for supercapacitors

BlueVine graphene technology

US-based startup BlueVine Graphene Industries (BlueVine) is to scale up the production of graphene for commercial applications such as the company’s supercapacitors.

Southern California Edison commissions 32MWh lithium energy storage system


Southern California Edison (SCE) commissioned the largest lithium-ion battery storage system in North America on 24 September at its Monolith substation in Tehachapi, California.

ABB to install flywheel storage system in Alaska

Kodiak Island, Alaska

ABB is to deploy an integrated commercial flywheel system on Kodiak Island in Alaska, US.

First stage of California energy storage target to be “all procured” – Commissioner

Carla Peterman, California Public Utilities Commission

The first stage of California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) flagship energy storage target will be fully procured, according to the Commissioner responsible for its implementation.

Ambitious Northern Ireland compressed air energy storage project set to be online by mid-2018

Gaelectric compressed air energy storage project

An ambitious 268MW compressed air energy storage (CAES) project in Northern Ireland could be online by mid-2018, according to developer Gaelectric.

NEI Corporation and PneumatiCoat partner for li-ion battery materials

atomic layer deposition technology

Nanotech company NEI Corporation (NEI) and atomic layer deposition specialist (ALD) PneumatiCoat Technologies (PCT) have agreed to jointly develop ALD-coated battery materials.

Australian solar industry launches Energy Storage Council

John Grimes, CEO of Australia's Energy Storage Council and Solar Council

Australia’s solar industry has established the Energy Storage Council, an industry representative body for the country’s energy storage firms.


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