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Low cost gas will dent Hybrid and EV sales

hybrid car sales statistics

The new era of cheap oil could make a dent in hybrid and EV sales this year, experts admitted at the Advanced Automotive Battery Meeting in Mainz this week. Battery Guru Menachem Anderman recalled a spike in hybrid sales in 2008-09 after a rise in gasoline prices in the US.

Laser could blast nail penetration from battery testing

laser penetration

A new technique to rival the infamous nail penetration test may soon be available to lithium-ion battery researchers, Dr Harry Doring told the AABC conferencing in Mainz this week.

UK EV motorists use 13,000kWh a day

UK EV motorists use 13,000kWh a day

UK electric vehicle (EV) motorists used around 9.5m kWh of electricity as they plugged into public and commercial charging points an average of 1,370 times a day in just two years.

Bren-Tronics' Alachua plant has shut down

Bren-Tronics headquarters

United States battery maker Bren-Tronics Energy Systems has closed its plant in Phoenix - just four years after investing $10m and hiring 40 people to produce lithium-ion battery cells in the former Energiser plant.

East Penn management shake-up

Larry Miskiewicz

North American lead-acid battery firm East Penn Manufacturing has announced a number of promotions within its manufacturing organisational structure.

Vanadium flow batteries in Alpine renewable energy project

Vanadium flow batteries in Alpine renewable energy project

Electrical energy generated by Slovian restaurant Trojane’s solar power system will used to deliver up to 32kWh to the eatery via vanadium batteries supplied by Californian company Imergy.

Saft emerging as Asia's go to trainset battery supplier

Nanshang Wuha metro line

Battery supplier Saft’s emergence as a key player in Asia’s trainset market continues at full steam after the French firm signed two deals to provide nickel-cadmium batteries.

Younicos Adds Five Executives to Spur Energy Storage Sales

James McDoucal

Intelligent grid and energy storage solutions company Younicos AG has appointed a new executive team of former managers at companies including General Electric Co. and Areva SA to conitune to build its reputation in the energy-storage technology sector.

Navitas appoints director of federal business development

new director of federal business development Jeff Cunningham at Navitas

US lithium-ion battery firm Navitas Systems has named Jeff Cunningham as new director of federal business development to focus on military and government battery product sales.

GE scales back battery plant

GE scales back at its Durathon battery plant

General Electric is to reduce the production capacity at its sodium nickel battery factory in Schenectady, US, after facing a lack of orders.


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