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CAA and FAA introduce lithium battery safety guides

lithium-ion battery in laptop

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have issued fire safety videos about potential risks inherent in lithium batteries.

Bitrode launches battery testing system

Bitrode battery testing system

Battery test equipment supplier Bitrode has introduced a battery laboratory testing system for high power applications.

Polypore legals put a brake on LG

Polypore has won an injunction against LG Chem preventing the Korean company from producing batteries containing its own version of ceramic coated separators.

CALEB and CalBattery to form li-ion battery JV


Los Angeles-based CALEB Technology (CALEB) and California Lithium Battery (CalBattery) have teamed up to build next-gen lithium-ion batteries.

Faradion hires Axeon CEO

Faradion battery

UK-based sodium-ion (Na-ion) and lithium-ion battery material company Faradion has appointed former Axeon CEO Lawrence Berns as CEO.

USABC awards $7.7m to Envia EV battery project

Envia facility

The US Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC) has awarded $7.7m to California-based Envia Systems for an electric vehicle (EV) battery technology project.

Sony to close li-ion battery facility in Shimotsuke

Sony plant in Shimotsuke

Battery manufacturer Sony is to close its Shimotsuke lithium-ion facility this September.

NRStor deploys 2MW flywheel energy storage facility in Canada

NRStor flywheel facility

Toronto-based energy storage developer NRStor has installed a 2MW grid-connected flywheel energy storage facility in Ontario, Canada – a first for the country.

Approval for Convergent VRLA battery storage

VRLA batteries

New York-based Convergent Energy + Power has won a contract to install a valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery storage plant in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, US.

Flow battery-powered EV gets German road approval

nanoFLOWCELL QUANT-e Sportlimousine

German testing centre TÜV Süd has certified Liechtenstein nanoFLOWCELL’s (NFC) EV for use on public roads in Europe.


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