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Tesla: Who dares wins

Menahen Anderman

For more than a decade the established auto industry, despite their product launches, had been quietly dismissing the pure electric vehicle — and then along came Elon Musk. Most of BEST’s readers know the story from there, says Gerry Woolf.

Alevo inaugurates North Carolina lithium module plant

Alevo's currently empty factory in Concord, North Carolina

Alevo, a hitherto virtually unknown Swiss firm, cut the ribbon on a 4m sq ft lithium-ion battery cell/module manufacturing plant in Concord, North Carolina on 28 October.

BYD and Fenecon plan large-scale battery storage projects in Germany

BYD storage in Shenzhen

China’s BYD and German energy storage firm Fenecon have teamed up to work on several large-scale battery storage projects in the latter's home nation.

Dreamweaver introduces nanofibre separators line for supercaps

Dreamweaver separators

Lithium separator maker Dreamweaver International (Dreamweaver) has launched a line of nanofibre-based separators for supercapacitors.

Lithium-ion mobility research should focus on viscosity – Varta study

Austria-based battery research firm Varta Micro Innovation (Varta) has researched anode materials for lithium-ion batteries using a customised rolling-ball viscometer.

East Penn revamps website

East Penn's new web presence

East Penn has launched a new website to give users easy access to the company’s products and services.

Maxwell and Corning partner for ultracaps

Maxwell ultracapacitors

California’s ultracapacitor firm Maxwell Technologies (Maxwell) and New York-based glass and ceramic material manufacturer Corning have teamed up for ultracapacitor-based energy storage development.

Saft strikes li-ion ESS deal in South America

Saft ESS

Energy storage giant Saft has been contracted by Isotron SAU to supply two lithium-ion battery storage systems to a solar PV diesel hybrid plant in Bolivia’s Pando region.

Porsche to rival Tesla with EV model

Porsche car

Porsche is to develop an electric vehicle to compete with Tesla’s model S, according to German media outlet Manager Magazin.

Imergy launches low-cost flow battery

Imergy flow battery

US-based flow battery developer Imergy Power Systems (Imergy), known as Deeya Energy, has introduced a vanadium flow battery that costs $300/kWh.


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